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Design and execution of comprehensive
production plans for still and motion projects.

Photo Production  Video Production CGI Creation Film Producer




Tell your story

Good stories connect your brand with your audience and deliver a competitive edge.

It’s often the simplest proposition that drives honest and innovative storytelling. Digging deep to understand your business, product, and mission is the first step in building your unique narrative.


Engage your audience

Today’s connected environment is changing how you need to interact with your audience.

Consumers are leveraging different tools to influence their purchases and express their brand loyalty – transitioning from print to web;  photo to video; desktop to mobile. Content is King, and video now holds court.


Build the right team

No two productions are alike, and a one-size-fits-all production team is not the best solution.

Procuring and managing a tailored creative and production team for your unique needs is key. Flexibility in service ensures that we can effectively leverage any size budget to tell your story and drive results.


Media producer, marketer, and storyteller

I’m a media creation specialist accomplished in managing photography, video, CGI, and film productions on location and within high-volume studio environments. I have an extensive marketing, production, creative and technical background and draw from all four areas to build effective and efficient production plans.

Project Experience 

Photo: Product, apparel, lifestyle
Video: Documentary, direct response, web, marketing
CGI: Photorealistic product, video, 360 interactive
Film: Independent short film, music video, TV pilot

For more than 15 years, I have delivered high-quality assets through seamless integration with account, creative, brand, and client teams. My record of on-time, on-budget projects is a result of my detailed production plans, client-centric negotiating, and in-depth knowledge of process and workflow tools.


•  Photo / Video / CGI Management
•  Location Scout
•  Studio Creation / Management
•  Process / Workflow: Creation & Tools
•  Color & Retouching Management
•  Financial Planning / Budgeting
•  Digital Asset Management
•  Art Buyer / Vendor Management
•  Team / Project Scheduling
•  Digital Rights Management / Legal
•  Client / Team Relations

I’ve successfully led teams for some of the biggest brands in the world, as well as the smallest local mom and pop shops. When a team is called for, I assemble experienced contract talent from my national network of industry resources, based on a deep understanding of my client’s needs and goals.


•  Plan in detail for every contingency.
•  Allow the creative team to remain creative.
•  Elevate the story – elevate the production.
•  Elicit an honest reaction from the audience.
•  Be authentic.


Chris Sommella

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Capabilities and Process

Scalable production solutions for marketing and film

Whether you’re looking for a partner to execute your vision,
or a guide to nurture your project, I’m here to help.




Discovery is an information-gathering planning stage used to dive deep into the details of what is important to a client’s business, brand, audience, and advertising campaign strategy.

• Media Analysis •
• Research •
• Workflow Design •
• Concept Development •




Plan, plan more, and then plan for the contingencies. To ensure maximum efficiency on set, the majority of time on a project should be spent in pre-production.

• Budget Development •
• Location Scout •
• Scheduling •
• Equipment & Logistics •
• Crew Acquisition •
• Casting •
• Production Guide Creation •
• Sets, Props, Wardrobe •
• Legal & Insurance •




On-set changes and challenges are guaranteed. Through experience, tact, and humor, I unify the team to ensure strategic, creative, and financial project goals are surpassed.

• On-set Management •
• Location Management •
• Catering Management •
• Client Communications •



The final assembly stage is not one to shortcut. In fact, it should be planned in detail during pre-production. Strong eyes are needed to unite / finalize the different production elements.

• Film Color and Editing •
• Image Retouching •
• Sound Design •
• Digital Asset Management •
• Financial Reconciliation •


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Chris embodies the unique combination of technical expertise, efficient yet detailed project management, and creative insight that is required to drive complex creative projects to successful completion.

 – Dan Bailey: Consumer Video at Dell

Chris has that rare mix of strong creative direction and tight process management that combines to consistently deliver a high quality outcome.

– Ken Musgrave: Executive Director at Dell


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I call Austin, TX and San Francisco, CA my home, but my projects have taken me throughout the country, and across the pond.

Whatever size project you may have, give me a call, send an email, or use the form on the left and we’ll go from there.

  • , Austin, Texas and San Francisco, CA
  • O (510) 207-8544
  • [icon size=”30″]@[/icon] chris@chrissommella.com

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