Media producer, marketer, and storyteller

I’m a media creation specialist accomplished in managing photography, video, CGI, and film productions on location and within high-volume studio environments. I have an extensive marketing, production, creative and technical background and draw from all four areas to build effective and efficient production plans.

Project Experience 

Photo: Product, apparel, lifestyle
Video: Documentary, direct response, web, marketing
CGI: Photorealistic product, video, 360 interactive
Film: Independent short film, music video, TV pilot

For more than 15 years, I have delivered high-quality assets through seamless integration with account, creative, brand, and client teams. My record of on-time, on-budget projects is a result of my detailed production plans, client-centric negotiating, and in-depth knowledge of process and workflow tools.


•  Photo / Video / CGI Management
•  Location Scout
•  Studio Creation / Management
•  Process / Workflow: Creation & Tools
•  Color & Retouching Management
•  Financial Planning / Budgeting
•  Digital Asset Management
•  Art Buyer / Vendor Management
•  Team / Project Scheduling
•  Digital Rights Management / Legal
•  Client / Team Relations

I’ve successfully led teams for some of the biggest brands in the world, as well as the smallest local mom and pop shops. When a team is called for, I assemble experienced contract talent from my national network of industry resources, based on a deep understanding of my client’s needs and goals.


•  Plan in detail for every contingency.
•  Allow the creative team to remain creative.
•  Elevate the story – elevate the production.
•  Elicit an honest reaction from the audience.
•  Be authentic.


Chris Sommella

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